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Take care of your trophy in the field, and you will avoid any problems with your mount.  


If blood gets on the hide, wash it off with water or snow if possible.  


Avoid dragging the animal out of the woods with a rope.  You can damage the fur and hide.  If you must drag it, attach the rope to the antlers and drag it carefully.  


If you are having a full body mount done, do not attempt to skin the animal.  DO NOT GUT THE ANIMAL.  If it is a small animal place it in several heavy trash bags and freeze it or keep it cold.  For large game call your taxidermist to find out how it needs to be skinned.  Do not keep your trophy in the freezer too long to prevent freezer burn.....Get it to your taxidermist as soon as possible!


When caping for a shoulder mount refer to diagram at right.  

With a sharp knife, slit the hide circling the body behind the shoulder about midway down the rib cage behind the front legs.  Slit the skin around the legs just above the knees.  Make another cut up the back of the legs and meet the body cut.  Peel the skin forward up the neck all the way to the joint behind the skull.  Then cut off neck.  DO NOT CUT DOWN BACK OF THE NECK. Do not attempt to skin out the head.


Remember that your taxidermist can cut off excess hide but cannot add what is not there!  If you have any questions call your taxidermist.

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